Registration for SHARP 19 is now open.

We are delighted to announce that, in keeping with our desire to make this conference as inclusive as possible, the finances have allowed us to make attendance at the Wednesday evening banquet, as well as all three receptions (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), open to all, free of charge.  Because, historically, not everyone has attended the banquet and opening and closing receptions, we merely ask that you register for these events so that we can get an accurate estimate of attendance when ordering food and drink.

We welcome spouses/partners/other accompanying guests who wish to attend the banquet and receptions but are not registering as participants in the conference. We do, however, ask that they pay a nominal fee of $50 to help defray the cost of these events.

Monday evening opening reception, : Emily Dickinson Museum
Wednesday banquet: University of Massachusetts
Thursday closing reception: University of Massachusetts

Registration Rates 
early rate: through May 17; regular, through June 15; late, thereafter


Early: $175
Regular: $225
Late: $275


Early: $235
Regular: $285
Late: $335

Accompanying guest (receptions and banquet only): $50


Why do I have to become a SHARP member in order to register?

SHARP is a membership organization. Through our year-round activities, publications, listserv, travel grants, and funding of intellectual activity ranging from translations to summer workshops, we are building a global community devoted to the study of the book in all its forms. Our conferences, when we get together to hear one another and get to know one another, play a crucial role in this endeavor. SHARP conferences are stimulating but low-stress and friendly, welcoming to researchers of all ages, careers, and career stages.

Some past SHARP conferences have offered a non-member registration fee, which was punitively set higher than the cost of regular registration plus membership. To our Organizing Committee, this made no sense. To be sure, our income may suffer slightly, but this way, you pay less, and we focus on building membership. Our membership fee is cheap in comparison with that of many professional organizations (such as the American Historical Association or Modern Language Association) and brings many benefits. We hope that, once you join SHARP and attend a conference, you will want to remain a member of this vibrant community.

If it turns out that I am unable to attend, can I get a refund?

1) Full refund until one month before the conference start (June 15)
2) 50-percent refund until one week before conference start (July 8)


Several members have reported difficulty when attempting to use the registration web portal (button below). Because Johns Hopkins University Press–rather than either SHARP or SHARP 2019–manages membership, registration, and registration payments, they ask that you contact them directly if you need assistance: .